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Bi Strategy: semanta

Having the right strategy for the data management, reporting and information analysis is a crucial component of a successful business. Whether you want to build a customer oriented or performance driven organization, you need to have the right information at the right time. Nowadays organizations produce terabytes of data about their operation, financial performance, customers and partners, but very rarely they are really able to turn this data into information and use it for better decision making and higher profit.

Billigence is helping organizations to define the right approach to data management and analysis using our industry knowledge, BI expertise and hands-on experience. Billigence will help you understand your data sources, organize the processes and implement right tools for better reporting and analysis. We have a proven track record of successful BI projects and we are working with the most advanced tools and partners in the BI space.

Let us help you to turn your data into information and enable you make better decisions faster!

Visualisation: tableau

It is great to use big data and the most advanced reporting tool, but what is even better is to get the right information, which will enable you to improve the performance and achieve operational excellence.

Current technology enables the business to collect and use much more data than ever before – 90% of the world’s data was generated over past few years, and performance of data servers or even laptops enables us to process millions of data records using in-memory computing in seconds or minutes. Yet we need a “business compass” to navigate us through the data sets and reports to a clear view on a business information.

Billigence is partnering with the leading BI and analytics platform vendors and it is combining the tool expertise with it’s business knowledge and experience to produce the analysis, reports and dashboards enabling business users to understand performance and make the right decisions.

Based on our experience we can help your team to build the right solution using robust enterprise reporting tools (Cognos, Business Objects, Microstrategy) as well as advance analytical and data discovery platforms (Tableau, Qlikview, Board etc.). We can work with your BI team or business analysts to understand the data and deliver the business information fast.

In addition to that we can also help you to optimize and better utilize current tools and reports by building a comprehensive reporting catalogue, business dictionary and metadata repository using the tools like BI Encyclopaedia from Semanta.

Data Management and Big Data

The amount of data we can – and have to – deal with is growing faster than ever. In 2013 the amount of www data is estimated to have reached 4 Zettabytes, ie. 4 billions terabytes. Out of it about 0.5% is estimated to be analysed (according to Digital Universe study) and 3% tagged and ready for manipulation.

However before companies move to Big Data and use all the information from social media and sources outside of the company, it is important to fully understand and utilize the “Small Data” – data available in the internal systems and databases.

The organizations nowadays have a plenty of data collected by CRM system(s), self-service portals, billing and accounting systems and many other transactional and support systems. Even though most of the companies have some sort of Data Warehouse, a lot of data is still distributed among different business units or systems; they are not linked or consolidated. Business is still missing single view of customer, performance by a business unit or product.

Billigence can help to build a consolidated view on the company data and improve utilization of current data sources.

On top of that we can also bring in knowledge of the best use of the Big Data – how to connect the external information to internal data and utilize the unstructured data for advanced analysis and business understanding.


CRM has become a must – customers do expect the organization to know their account information, current and past products, contact history and ideally also their needs, so that their requests can be addressed immediately.

At the same time the CRM has to be efficient from the company point of view – simple to use, cost efficient, scalable and supporting cross-channel information sharing and collaboration.

Billigence has deep expertise in the CRM area and understands both customer and organization needs. We can help to improve the current CRM solution or build a lean and efficient tool for the contact centre, field sales or customer and partner portals. We have experience with the “traditional” tools like Siebel or SAP CRM as well as cloud based solution like salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics.

Let us help you to define the right customer management strategy and implement the best tool to support it!